The Overview On Glass Water Bongs


The water bongs are generally water pipes that are used to smoke cannabis or, any herbal product. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Some people call it bubble, binge, etc. Bongs are like hookahs. Bongs provide smoother smoke. The smoke generally cools down in the water, before inhaling it. So, it does not give any irritation to the throat. The Glass water bongs have been used by many smokers nowadays to relax their minds.

Benefits of glass bongs

Glass bongs come in different colours, shapes, sizes, and varieties. The water acts as the filter of the smoke which helps to cool down the smoke before the inhalation. It helps to reduce the inflammatory effects of smoking. Bongs reduce the bacteria. The following are the more benefits of the glass bongs:

  • Easy to clean: The glass bongs are much easier to clean than the other types of bongs. The glass pipes can be cleaned by rubbing alcohol, acetone, and another thing that are specifically made to clean the glass pipes.
  • Flavour: The glass pope has a natural smoke flavour. The other pipes such as wooden pipes have a little taste of wood in the smoke. Some people like the wood taste but others want the pure taste of the smoke which will relieve their stressful mind.

  • Better filtration: A glass bong will eliminate the harmful compounds that are present in the smoke and, will affect the lungs. The smoke cools down and is filtered in the water present in the glass bong.
  • Bigger hits: The glass bong will allow the person to take all the smoke in one hit. The bigger hits are not healthy, but they can be fun.


Are the glass bongs better for the lungs?

The glass bongs will provide smoother smoke as compared to the other hookahs. The water present in the bong will filtrate the heating effect of the smoke. The effect will be more creamy, smooth, and cooler. While the smoke is smoother, the person is still smoking which will be filled in the lungs. Bongs are not much safer.

The Glass water bongs will help to eliminate the heating smoke. The smoke will cool down in the water before inhalation and, will provide a smoother effect on the throat. The glass bongs are fun and can be cleaned easily. They provide the best filtration, and a person can take a bigger shot of it. Although bigger hits are harmful, they are relaxing and fun.

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