Sports bras and sports tops: their benefits and differences

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Essentially, there is only one major difference between a crop top and a sports bra. In a crop top sports bra, there are cups suited to the breast size of an individual while in a crop top, there are no cups, only a layer of cloth material that compresses both breasts against the chest.

 What are crop tops and sports bras?Is one better than the other?

It depends on the individual and on the activity they perform. A sports bra, as the name suggests is specifically designed to give women the support they need during any physical activity. While in sports crop tops, depending on the sport, the material also differs. Like for vigorous activities like running, aerobics, etc, the top may be made from thicker material to support the chest, while in other less strenuous activities, the material may be thinner and more lightweight. In short, there isn’t a huge difference between the two, the purpose they serve is the same.

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 Their benefits and advantages:

  • It takes the weight off the shoulders and hence, helps avoid shoulder pain and backaches.
  • Helps in reducing breast pain caused due to movement during activities since it keeps them in one place.
  • Helps regulate good circulation. Since there aren’t wires and other stuff like that as in traditional bras, it helps keep the good blood circulation in the muscles and steer clear of any discomfort.
  • Keeps women cool and dry. During any physical activity, an individual is bound to exude sweat. Sports tops are made with materials like a combination of lycra and cotton, or spandex and cotton. These fabrics give good stretchability and absorb sweat well. The synthetic fibres are also more breathable which helps the individual remain cool throughout the sport.
  • Helps prevent possible injuries. While in traditional bras, due to lack of support, the breast tissues may hurt themselves due to tugging or sagging. This is prevented in sports tops.

 Should you invest in a sports bra or a sports top?

Definitely. As mentioned above and as various research conducted all over the globe would suggest, it has been established that sports bras and tops offer the optimum support needed to perform one’s daily activity as well as any sports without any inconvenience.

More importantly, a crop top sports bra provides comfort and reduces the chances of any short- or long-term chest or back issues. There are numerous e-commerce websites where one can purchase them to their liking.

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