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Wedding Rings: 10 Rules For A Perfect Wedding

Wedding Rings: 10 Rules For A Perfect Wedding

Tradition has it that the faiths are chosen by mutual agreement between the spouses but that it is the groom who pays for them. Today there is also a tendency to delegate a family member or a person very close to the groom, but following the tradition is still the most suitable choice wedding bands.

The wedding rings must be the same, that is, of the same shape and color. Even if sometimes it is possible to opt for rings that are similar or in any case coordinated, it is preferable that the spouses wear the same jewel to demonstrate their mutual and equal commitment.

The wedding etiquette has been very modernized and allows the bride and groom to easily choose the color of gold they prefer. Tradition dictates the yellow gold wedding rings also for practicality in maintenance.

Wearing the wedding band before marriage is said to bring bad luck. The only exception to the rule is the measurement of the ring in jewelry. In fact it is absolutely important that the ring size is perfect.

The wedding rings to be perfect must contain an engraving inside them. Tradition always has it that the names of the spouses and the wedding date are engraved. Today, however, you can also decide to engrave a love dedication or a small sentence meaningful for both of you (obviously remembering that the space available is limited). The important thing is that there is always the date

From the moment of purchase to the moment of the fateful yes, the wedding rings must be kept with care and then taken to church. This task is usually entrusted to one of the groom’s witnesses. This is because it is necessary that the person who will take care of this is reliable and not distracted by the thousand emotions of the fateful day

From the entrance to the church to the altar, the path of the faiths is usually a very solemn moment. This important moment has always been entrusted to the witness who has kept the rings until that moment. Today it is preferred to entrust children and grandchildren and, for a scenically more beautiful result, at least two in number so that one advances with the wedding rings and the other sprinkles the journey with rose petals. Traditionally, the boy will wear the wedding rings and the girl will sprinkle the petals from a basket

The wedding rings are brought to the altar on a soft wedding ring pillow which must be of the same fabric and the same color as the bride’s dress.

Bon ton does not want to wear other rings that can distract attention from the wedding rings. So they will be the only link. For women, a perfect, very elegant and discreet manicure is recommended and nails art is absolutely banned.

Tips to choosing the best 6th year anniversary gift for her

Tips to choosing the best 6th year anniversary gift for her

Congratulations on completing 6 years of togetherness. Well, wedding anniversaries are the most romantic celebrations of life. It is the time of the year to commemorate or relive the special day when you made her your life partner. She deserves the best gift perfect for the occasion. If you want to choose anniversary nano jewelry for wife, then here are some amazing tips. A self-fulfillment necklace, I Love You necklace, Inscription necklaces can serve your purpose. Buy them all from nano Jewelry and strengthen your bond of love and affection.

Celebrate your anniversary with beautiful necklaces

To unlock the heart of your wife everywhere, buy various kinds of pendants and necklaces. There are crowns, hearts, inscription-based heart pendants in various prices and materials to make them perfect for the occasion. Get her a matching pendant and show how she holds the key to your heart. If your woman is partial to a certain colour or shape of jewelry, then buy her colored jewelry in the right shape. So, herald the anniversary season by choosing a colorful self-fulfillment necklace. There are also prayer necklaces to convey thanks to your mother.

Anniversary Nano Jewelry For Wife

Tons of traditional and modern 6th year anniversary gift for her

After celebrating 5th year marriage anniversary, you may find it difficult to top that up with a thoughtful 6th year anniversary gift for her. For those who are looking for a meaningful jewelry piece can choose pendant with a tint of iron in it. Iron, the metal, represents a strong loving bond. It is the perfect symbol of milestone achieved.

Delectable collection of unique gift ideas

For the perfect anniversary present, look nowhere apart from Nano Jewelry. Here you will find a delectable range of anniversary presents for him and her. Cute gifts for girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, brother and boyfriend are tailor-made to impress the receiver. Gift 24-carat gold pendant with a beautiful love message fitting the occasion.

Never go to the workplace with wet hair. Instead of this make your hair dry before leaving home. You are suggested not to wear any strong perfume or cologne. Make sure that the shoes you are wearing are in good condition and polished. Remember to wear appropriate watch and bag to look professional. Do not choose the clothes which are too small or too big. You will not look good if you put on them. The cloths should fit you properly. Every industry has its own rule. This is why you need to understand what exactly is suitable in your sector. If the company, you are working for has a dress code, then follow it.

Leave her surprised on the 6th year wedding anniversary with beautiful jewelry gifts.

Getting the magnificent quality cakes

Getting the magnificent quality cakes

Wedding cake hong kong taste is quite good. These cakes are totally baked with the freshest ingredients which can also come well with the finest quality. It can actually work well in the form of the licensed bakery. The team explores all kinds of flavours which can prove to be truly mouth-watering.

Choice of the best one

Now one can choose to go well with the Buttercream cake. This can actually prove to be the fantastic Grey Color Cake which can be the best product composed of the Grey tea as well as Chocolate Flavour. It can come as the 4” round cake which can be capable of serving 4-6.  There is another one which is 5” round as well as serves 6-8. One can be sure that one can now get the cakes which can work well with the complimentary gold or silver type of celebration candles.  This can also give one the right access to the Specialty Cakes. This can be a better choice when compared to regular products. Such an idea can actually give one quick access to the speciality cakes. These cakes can be the best ones which can go well with the weddings, birthdays, some other celebrations and also match to the expectations of the Wedding and Party Favours. They can also truly work well with plenty of themes and ideas. It can be successful enough in Bringing contemporary elements with the richest styles in them. Follow

The classic touch with the cakes

  This can be something which can come as the classic French pastry. The idea can actually be remarkable in the form of the transformation which can work well as the superb idea that gets transformed into delectable works thus giving rise to the elegant food art they can be totally designed with the help of the dedicated passion which can also work well with the culinary arts. They can work well with the best patisserie delicacy which can also go well with the premier culinary arts.


This can give one access to the traditional hand-crafted dessert. They are totally the best ones all of which can be developed with the skills and techniques to get the finest and freshest ingredients. They can be enough to actually impress as well as satisfy discerning tastebuds.  This can be the best choice which can work well with the taste of the ecstatic when it comes to patisserie.  They can be all created with the touch of Passion,  appreciation as well as innovation.