A Wise Guide for Baby Changing

baby changing basket

Having a new baby can be the most joyous occasion for a couple, but it can also be the most stressful. It doesn’t matter if you are a new parent or are experienced in changing dirty nappies. It is still crucial to make baby changing as easy and as stress-free as it can be. This makes every element that contributes to it essential, starting from the baby changing basket you carry.

Comfort, choosing the most appropriate changing mat and changing basket

The base on which you have to make your newborn lie while you change the baby’s nappies is the most important element in baby changing. Although it is okay to change your baby’s diapers on any flat surface, a changing mat or basket will let you have a base around the changing mat whether you are on a changing table or inside a nursery. Remember that during the early days, the baby will have up to 12 nappy changes every day.

Get ready

It may be unbelievable, but you have to be ready for 12 nappy changes every day when you have a newborn. This is reality, so you have to be as prepared as possible. Buy your newborn nappies, nappy bags, and wipes, preferably in bulk to save money in the process. Keep in mind that while your baby grows, he or she will need different sizes of nappies. Consider this when you buy in bulk so you won’t end up with excess nappies that can’t be used. The same principle applies to baby clothes.

Must be changed often

Babies have to be changed often. Often this is needed after they are fed or once they start to smell bad. The nappy is left on the baby for a while. Their skin can be irritated by their wee. To avoid this, you have to change as often as necessary. Check the nappy’s level of wetness every hour for you to be sure. When the baby is asleep, there is no need to rouse them for a nappy change. When they wake up to be fed, this is the perfect time to change the nappy.

Have a nappy changing station

You can choose a designated area for baby changing. You can place your baby changing basket there, along with a durable changing mat. What’s important is for you to be able to change the baby’s nappies while standing. This is crucial, especially during the early days of post-delivery.

The right nappies

This means having to choose whether nappies are biodegradable, washable, or disposable. You may also choose all of the above. Your choice of nappies depends on your personal needs and preferences and your general attitude toward them. The most popular choice for parents is disposables, but biodegradable and washable ones are also on the rise.

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