Why Are Winter Socks Significant?

Winter Socks

It is common to find a drawer filled with a variety of socks that differ in color, styles, and materials. It’s likely though that a quality pair of winter socks is not one of them. If there’s one it is probably with your old ski gear in the basement. What you must understand is that when you wear cotton socks in the winter particularly when you are fond of engaging in strenuous physical activities may result in cold feet and frostbitten toes, regardless of how fancy your boots are. This is because wearing cotton socks during winter can make your feet even colder. Cotton socks have little insulation because they absorb and hold moisture. It’s not like the Umfies, a special type of socks.

How Important It Is to Wear Winter Socks

The significance of wearing winter socks like Umfies cannot be underestimated. No matter how expensive your winter boots are, you can’t fight cold feet without the winter socks. These socks are not for outdoor use as well. When you suffer from cold feet even while staying at home, you have to look into the type of socks you are wearing. If you are wearing cotton socks, then it’s time for you to look for winter socks.

Winter socks are made of wool, shearling, IsoWool, and similar kinds of synthetic materials. These socks work well for the winter weather because these socks absorb excessive perspiration from the feet. And even if these socks get wet, they don’t lose their insulating properties. Various types of synthetic socks are in general thicker than the standard cotton socks. These socks dry out on their own. The body heat of a person may dry out these socks.

Winter Socks

Look for the Sock Liner

This is the most commonly neglected feature of a winter sock, and it is known to help keep your feet dry and warm during winter. A sock liner offers extra insulation by transferring perspiration from the feet directly to the sock the person wears. Technically speaking, the sock liner takes the moisture off your feet and transfers it to the socks. Due to this transfer of moisture, your feet remain dry thoroughly even during times of strenuous physical exertion. So if you plan to do some strenuous activities during the winter, it would be wise to have a couple of sock liners.

Why You Need to Wear Socks During Winter

A fluffy pair of socks can warm your feet. They can also be relaxing and they help widen constricted blood vessels. The improved blood circulation all over the body may help release more heat through the skin.

The extremities of the human body regulate its temperature. When the environment is hot, the body makes use of the feet to prevent excessive heat and avoid overheating.

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