What to Bring When You Go Camping

Go Camping

Contrary to what most people think, camping is a personal experience. Every camper or adventurer gets to know his or her strengths, weaknesses, desires, and needs. You will need to bring a different set of camping gear and equipment from your hiking buddy. You might want to get a book while your buddy has a camera instead. There are certain outdoor camping accessories that campers must bring for survival on the campsite.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag or a warming blanket is something to keep your body warm while out in the wilderness. It may also cushion the body a little. Some campers bring a sleeping pad although this is not necessary. Some also prefer a tent while some if not most campers like a bivvy style bag that will protect you from snow and rain.

outdoor camping accessories


Every camper must possess a flashlight when out camping. It ensures one’s safety and at the same time, it also helps your sanity. The most practical choice is a small and lightweight flashlight that can be easily switched on and off. Some campers may opt to bring a headlight, but even so, flashlights are still necessary.

Survival Kit

One of the first few things that a camper has to bring to camp is a small survival kit. It must have all the essential items that you must have for survival if ever you get to face the worst-case scenario. Some campers may opt for a commercially packed survival kit while others like to come up with their own. Both are useful as long as you know that it has everything you need.

Water Purifier

No outdoor camping accessories can be more valuable than water purifiers. You must not drink untreated water while camping. Even the purest mountain spring water can have harmful pathogens in it. With only a sip of contaminated water, you can be headed for the emergency room instead. There are various ways to treat water, but the most popular of these is using a water purifier. It would be wise to bring a water purifier for every two members of the group.


A reliable multitool is one of the most essential items in a camper’s pack. This is known as the Swiss army knife of the modern camper or outdoor enthusiast.  A multitool enables you to carry different tools in a highly convenient and light package. You can find scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, and knife blades in the simplest multitool. You may have the more elaborate ones with more tools other than the kitchen sink.

Camp Stove

You can cook on an open fire, but this can cause you more trouble in the long run. Moreover, open fires are often prohibited in many locations. This means that wherever you go camping, you always have to bring a camp stove.

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