What is Maxi dress and when can you wear it

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Maxi dresses are characterized by their length: all models reach about ankle height. The other properties are extremely variable. In addition to strapless versions, there are models with different sleeve lengths, for example. The fabric used, the color scheme as well as various designs and prints allow you a wide selection that covers every style.

Regardless of your size and figure, maxi dresses are suitable for every type of woman. When making your choice, just make sure that the dress does not fit too tightly, but that it hugs your body. Women with strong upper arms should prefer variants with sleeves, whereas we advise small women to combine maxi dresses with high heels, as this visually stretches them. If one likes to shop day dresses online, there are many online sites around but choosing the right one is important.

These long dresses can be worn on different occasions. The fabric and the design play a decisive role. You should only follow a few rules when it comes to evening wear: If possible, opt for a plain-colored dress and wear high heels or pumps, for example. You should choose the jewelry rather discreetly. If you need a handbag, we recommend using a clutch or shoulder bag with a narrow strap.

day dresses

You can combine your new maxi dress differently depending on the model. On the beach, for example, you can wear sandals with the dress. Open hair looks particularly casual. The combination with a modern straw hat and sunglasses also contributes to a cool look. At parties, however, high heels are the right choice. Updos also create the necessary elegance.

Maxi-length dresses can be worn on festive occasions as well as casual occasions. With a maxi dress you are dressed appropriately as a wedding guest as you are at spontaneous summer parties. When choosing suitable shoes and jewelry for the occasion, you should consider the following points:

  • You can wear sandals , such as strappy sandals , for a walk on the beach or shopping in town . This underlines a casual look.
  • For a rendezvous or an elegant party, on the other hand, high heels or pumps are recommended , which contribute to a chic look.
  • You can combine dresses with an ethnic pattern, for example, with large bangles . In the case of simpler variants, on the other hand, you should prefer fine, elegant necklaces and matching earrings .
  • Casual gym bags go well with the hip shopping look, whereas you should use a clutch for celebrations .

You can also make a statement in autumn and spring with a maxi dress. To defy the cold, you should wear tights and lined ankle boots . A cardigan or cardigan will keep your shoulders and arms warm.

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