What are the measurements that your baby’s sleeping bag should have?

baby's sleeping bag

For some years, the use of the special sleeping bag for babies has been widespread.  Especially since it is a comfortable and easy way to ensure that your baby will be warm at night.  Most babies like to sleep uncovered.  For worried fathers and mothers, this is one more concern to the many that they already have since the baby comes into the world.

Fortunately, every day it is possible to find new clothes and utensils that make life easier for parents, as is the case with the sleeping bag.  With just one garment you can keep your baby warm and protected all night.  Without worrying that you might be cold or uncomfortable from the weight of the blankets.  In addition, with the baby sleeping bags there are fewer risks of drowning, one more point in its favor.

However, it is essential to choose the sleeping bag correctly in each case, taking into account factors such as measurements, thickness or fabric, for example.  The base is the same as for the rest of the bags, that is, a kind of quilt that closes on one side and that only leaves the head in the air.  In the case of this garment designed for babies and young children, the bag incorporates straps to prevent the baby from moving down.  This minimizes the risk of suffocation while the baby sleeps.

baby sleeping bags

There are different types of bags, not only because of the measurements, since you can find them for newborn babies and for children up to 6 years old but by the type of thickness, since there are thicker bags for very cold seasons or for especially cold areas.  But there are also lighter ones for other times of the year and even for hotter babies or children.

The thickness of sleeping bags and duvets is generally measured in TOGs, which is a measure of thermal resistance.  When you go to buy yours, you will have to check if the TOG of the garment in question adjusts to the needs of your baby. Although there are different sizes and sizes, sleeping bags are usually very long.  Many models incorporate different systems to adjust the size as the baby grows.  Something that makes them very practical since you can use them for a long time. That they are long is not a problem, on the contrary, your baby will like to be able to move their legs easily.  You just have to make sure that the straps fit well and that there is no risk that the baby could move down.

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