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Jeans can be considered as one of the most comfortable outfits that suit all age groups of people. jeans are best preferred in the winter as they can withstand stubborn winter. Along with keeping the body warm, it gives an elegant appearance. Here area few lists of women’s jeans, the most promising outfit for sure.

Topmost picked women jeans:

Skinny jeans: these skinny types of jeans are specially designed to flatten the tummy with the higher type of waistline. It has pockets thatare placed in a strategic position which gives the slimmer toned look. these jeans are the most comfortable ones and soft which is sure to give the authentic look. it creates super comfort throughout the day.

Waisted skinny Capri jeans: this is made of soft denim. Along with being soft it also has the touch of beauty. This super stretch form of denim is made out of superior quality material which makes it more flexible when worn. It is tailored to the waistband and has five pockets in a most stylish pattern. Some of them come in a single button form of closure and zip to close and open.

Jogger: it is the most comfortable form of jogger jeans that goes well while doing the running and jogging. It offers the most comfort when worn. It important feature of this is the slant type of front pockets as well as back pockets. Elastic at the waist along with the drawcord creates the most comfort. One cannot miss this which is best to be worn during travel as well.

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Curve embracer form of skinny jeans: this is engineered to fit the waist. This is one of the best cool jeans that can be preferred in the summer as well. This mid-waisted type of Capri jeans is cut along with a flattering mid-rise which smooths the waist. It creates the snug through the thigh as well as hips that finish at the point of mid-calf.

Straight leg jeans:this type of jeans provide a consistent relation to the width throughout the leg. It is tighter on the part of the thigh and slightly loose at the ankle and calf.

Slim fit jeans: this is a type of jeans that fit snuggly at the part of the butt as well as a thigh. These jeans cannot be compared or confused with that of skinny cut type of jeans, which is believed to maintain the sung form of fit throughout the leg.


Jeans are one of the best and comfortable outfits for many years. Nothing can be comfortable as that pair of jeans. Jeans have evolved from time to time meeting the need of the time and people.

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