Tips for Wine Tasting Like a Pro

Tips for Wine Tasting Like a Pro

If you’re an oenophile, or just a casual wine drinker, you know the importance of properly tasting your wine. With the rise of Wine Delivery services, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a variety of different wines to taste. Here are tips that will help you take your wine tasting to the next level and make sure you’re getting the best experience out of each bottle.

1) Check the wine’s color

Checking the wine’s color is one of the first steps in tasting. White wines should be clear and transparent while red wines will have a darker hue. A rosé should be lighter in color than a white wine but darker than a red wine. If your wine is cloudy or murky, don’t taste it because that might mean that there are particles in your wine which can cause you to get sick or choke on them.

2) Swirl the wine

Swirling the wine in your glass to release its aromas. You will also notice how it changes colors, as well as its consistency. The wine should be light and thin in consistency with a deep, intense color. If you swirl and no change is observed, your wine may have corked or gone bad (taste it just in case). You need to taste the wine by sucking air over the tongue from between your teeth which will help release all of the flavors. It is not recommended that you spit out any of the wine because you are not supposed to drink too much at once, but instead take small sips. Make sure that when you are tasting that you keep an open mind about what you’re drinking so that if there’s something wrong with it then you’ll be able to tell and not drink anymore of it or continue drinking knowing that there is something wrong with it.

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3) Smell the wine

Smelling the wine can be one of the most telling ways to figure out what type it is. Does it smell fruity? If so, then you’re probably dealing with a white wine. You may also get hints of spice or even some sweet notes like honey. Do you notice any sour smells? If so, this could be an indication that your wine is made from red grapes. Finally, if the aroma gives off earthy or floral smells, this could be a sign of rosemary or thyme in the mix which would mean that you are drinking Sauvignon Blanc. Let your nose lead the way!

4) Take a sip of wine

Take a  sip of wine and exhale slowly. Doing so will allow you to notice the aroma more easily, which is the smell that sticks around in your nose after the taste dissipates. It is also important to swirl the wine around in your mouth before swallowing it, as this will release an even greater sense of aromas. Inhaling deeply before swallowing will also be helpful in identifying any hints of vanilla, peppermint or cinnamon that may be present. Finally, don’t forget about what happens when you take a sip! Does it feel like all the flavors are on your tongue? What does it smell like? Is there any aftertaste? Make sure to keep all these sensations in mind when tasting wine.

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