Sleep Warm With The Most Comfortable And Value-Driven Doona

Sleep Warm With The Most Comfortable And Value-Driven Doona

Buying bedding is tricky sometimes. With many sizes, names, and even choices, it makes it quite hard to determine if the item you have now is what you need. When you get home and feel lazy and tired, new bedding that gives you warmth during the hottest season, perhaps you need a winter doona bedding.

Understanding the terms used in the bedding business will greatly help you buy the perfect doona for your needs and allow you to buy the best brand. While people will have lots of suggestions about what you should buy, it is best to give all the information so you can make an informed decision and ensure you get the best bedding.

What is a doona?

A doona is commonly used for a quilted insert that sits in a doona cover. It is the top layer of the bedding. It is filled with feathers that make it so soft and comfortable, a very relaxing bedding for your mattress.

Types of doona

There are various types of variants of doonas, but there are three real things that you need to consider when buying the perfect doona for your bed, such as:

  • Fill
  • Weight
  • Size

Different fills for doona

winter doona

There are a few fills available for doonas and each one has a different impact on you and the bed as you go to sleep.

  • Cotton. It is the coolest fill as it is very lightweight and allows for air to pass through and not be trapped, which in turn keeps it cooler than the other materials. It is a great choice for summer, for people with warmer temperatures, and who don’t need extra help staying warm.
  • Feather and down. It is one of the most popular choices and you would want to have a feather and down doona. The feather and doona range for summer to winter grading. So, feather and down is a perfect winter donna. It has a great percentage of feathers that make the doona super smooth, soft, and skin-friendly, offering the highest cooling effect and a higher percentage of down.
  • Microfibre. It is oftentimes one of the most budget-friendly options and has a warmer side. It is filled with microfiber which makes it breathable but doesn’t require as much as cotton, resulting in a bit of heat trapped that keeps you warm and nice.
  • Polyester. It is one of the more budget-friendly options and is good all year round.
  • Wool. Do you find wool-filled doona the coziest and warmest to buy? The snuggly and heaviness make it perfect for cold winter nights.

The amount of fill in a doona has an impact on the feeling of anyone who lays down on it. It is as important as spending your hard-earned cash on it.

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