Learn everything about watch manufacturing, from design to production

Learn everything about watch manufacturing, from design to production

Observing the position of the sun in the sky is the earliest method of estimating time. The time is around noon when the sun is straight above. The use of a sundial is a little later development that is less dependent on an individual’s judgment. Throughout the day, sunlight strikes a vertically mounted pole in the middle of a calibrated dial, producing a shadow on the dial and providing the reader with a somewhat accurate time reading. Metal technology and miniaturization advancements, lubricating of tiny pieces, and the use of natural sapphires at pressure points have all become essential parts of mechanical watch research. By the end of the nineteenth century, little pocket watches with diameters of 5 to 7 cm were available. Noob factory dials provide the highest quality available in the marketplace, featuring genuine components to ensure the strongest overall quality.

The history behind the watch:

The mechanical clock, invented in the fourteenth century, was a significant breakthrough because it gave a more succinct and consistent means of calculating time. The mechanical clock is made up of a complex network of wheels, gears, and levers that are powered by falling weights and a pendulum (or later, a wound-up spring). These components work together to move the hand or hands of a dial to indicate the time.

A new form of the watch was created with the introduction of the microprocessor in the 1970s and 1980s. Wristwatches that combined microprocessor technology with quartz crystals became the norm; nowadays, few non-quartz wristwatches are produced. The microchip is used to continuously deliver signals to the dial of the watch. It does not wear out because it is not a mechanical device with moving parts.

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Quartz in watches uses a long-known kind of energy known as piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is the flow of current from or through a piece of quartz when it is subjected to electrical and/or mechanical pressure (piezo is from the Greek verb meaning “to press”). A quartz watch sends the signal by exposing a piece of quartz to electricity from a battery. A quartz watch’s heart is a tiny segment of silver. Before shipping, all watches are examined at the Noob Factory, including the look of the products, the functionality of the wristwatch, the shipping, and all accouterments. They specifically check that the watch runs correctly, including functions such as Chrono, calendar, battery backup, waterproofing, and so on.

Manufacturing of Watches in Batches and Masses

Batch manufacturing is typical in the watch business. We take care of the technical drawings, product refinement, and component fabrication of the timepieces among our closed network of suppliers after a design and engineering phase of 1 to 2 months and a component procurement period of 3 months. Then comes the assembling process, which lasts 1 to 2 weeks. Quality control is carried out throughout the supply chain until the final quality control. To provide the clients with the most flexibility, they offer two production workarounds: original equipment manufacturer and just-in-time.

Just-in-time delivery is a fairly recent phenomenon in the watchmaking business. This method, which is based on IT and micromanufacturing, is extensively utilized in the automobile and telecommunications sectors. A bank of components is created and quantified after a two-month design process and a sales prediction study. Then, through a three-factor production stage with our supplier relationships, all of the wristwatch components are obtained and placed in a warehouse.

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