Know more about Premade Fans and why it’s popular

Premade Fans

Eyelash extensions have soared over the last decade. The eyelash extension begins with classic lashing. Wherein one eyelash extension was connected to a natural lash. As with any industry, growth in demand lead to transformation in products, services, and education. Applying volume lash extensions is like learning sculpture. Nowadays, there’s been much discussion about premade fans:

  1. Heat-bonded
  2. Glue-bonded

What are Premade fans?

Premade lashes are fans that are made for lash artists. It was placed in a tray that can easily be picked up and used instantly. Clustered lashes are different from pre-made lashes.

  • A premade fan is an array of 2 to 8 lashes that have been glued. Or heat blonded jointly at the base.
  • The motive behind premade fans is that they let lash artists save time. And reduce the need to make fans manually.
  • The deed of gluing the lashes combined gives the fan’s base more volume.
  • The base becomes thicker after being covered in adhesive.

Like any other type of lashes, the harm will only occur if you’re applying them inappropriately. And will not be observed how heavy the fans are. They are created to be applied using a similar method as you will apply individual semi-permanent lashes. Premade fans is a product created to save time, make it easier to attach lashes. It doesn’t need the talent or skill needed for true Volume Eyelash Extensions.

premade fans

Pros of using premade volume fans to customers:

  • Premade lash fans save the time of applying it
  • Quick customer turnover means more bookings per day
  • No training is needed for applying volume lash
  • The volume set made higher gross profit compared to the classic set

Why are Premade Fans well-known?

Premade fans have an extensive base. This stops the adhesive from covering around the natural and extension lash. That produces a secure attachment, premade fans must only lay on top of the natural lash and will just pop off eventually. A customer will be lucky to visit for two weeks without having to get a fill.

The appointment may take a few hours yet the quality of work might be affected. You can use premade fans to enhance your technique as a volume lasher. Premade fans also make it easier for you to control the adhesive that you’ll be using. Though premade fans are applied as easily and fastly, they still do need a bit of change in application technique and tools.

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