How Digitalization is Changing the Way Children Play

Technology is altering how kids interact with toys in the digital world. From smart toys and engaging robots to virtual reality games and augmented reality applications, the toy industry is quickly changing to integrate the latest digital technologies. While these devices give kids fun and novel ways to play, they also make us wonder how the digital age affects their play and development. Take a look of this technology at

1) Children use computers to design their own video games and apps.

2) Children use computers to create messaging habits

They log in using their names and different passwords on their cell phones, or on social media accounts, email accounts or by creating a Pinterest account. They then create messages in parent-approved languages to send to friends. Many children put up pictures of themselves with descriptive texts (for example, “Hi I’m Jennifer”, “It’s my phone”, “and I’m at school”).

3) Children use computers to communicate with celebrities

They can ask them questions by writing them on the internet and they can receive answers by replying on instant messaging platforms such as Skype Messenger and WhatsApp. They can also send the celebrities messages or pictures with Snapchat or with Facebook Messenger.

4) Children use computers for fun and for learning simultaneously

With computer games, children learn to read, write, count and solve problems while playing. They can also learn simple programming language called Scratch through a free online program that allows them to create their own interactive stories, animations and games.

5) Children use computers to teach themselves literacy skills

Some children learn to read using technology and they use computer programs such as Disney Club Penguin Literacy Quest to help them become better readers. They play games through which they can practice their reading and writing skills without a teacher.

6) Children use computers in the classroom

They are using computers to record and share young writers’ stories. They use computer programs such as Scratch, Apple’s Garage Science and the tiny bop 4-in-1 Digital Project Kit through which they can create their own multimedia stories mainly at

7) Children use computers to learn geography and history

Through computer games, children can learn about geography, history and science. They can also practice their writing skills.

8) Children use computers to create apps

They design their own apps by using programs such as Scratch, AppInventor and Kodu.

9) Children use computers to learn about wellness

Children are using online games (for example to learn how to manage their weight, exercise, eating habits and other aspects of wellness. They can also play games with educational content that teaches them about physical activity, nutrition and disease prevention.

10) Children use computers to learn about the environment

Through computer games and by using apps, children can learn about the environment and how to conserve resources. They can also share their ideas on how to protect the rainforest from deforestation.


In conclusion, digitalization has changed the way that children play. Technology allows them to engage in active forms of learning and to share their knowledge with others. It also leads them to use new forms of communication and interaction.

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