Empower Your Child’s Education With The Use Of Learning Aids

Empower Your Child’s Education With The Use Of Learning Aids

Almost every one of us has a little one at home that we are watching over and these little creatures are in the process of abrupt growth. According to UNICEF, children start to learn even when they are in their mother’s womb. They begin to distinguish sounds of different languages first, and the moment they are born, they either sleep or learn from their environment. When they are in their first 5 years, it was observed that it is the fastest pace they can absorb and learn things that is why parental involvement and positive reinforcement is crucial to a child’s education.

Child’s Attention Span: A Learning Challenge

According to a study,  children have an attention span rate of 2 minutes per year of age. As they reached the age of four, their attention span can increase up to 8 to 12 minutes and this increases over the years. In this age range, children will experience trouble in focusing and finishing a task which is a challenge to some educators like parents or teachers. It becomes even more challenging if these children have a learning disorder such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.Because of this, some adults lose their temper during the teaching process. A way to recapture the attention of your child is the use of learning aids.


The Effectiveness of Learning Aids in your Child’s Education

Education is an integral part of human development, and it is defined as the process of facilitating learning.Sometimes students, especially children with a short attention span, get bored easily during the discussion. To regain their attention and interest, it is advised to incorporate learning aids during the teaching process. There are 3 categories of learning aids which are:

Audio Aids are learning materials that would require the sense of hearing. E.g. DVDs, tape recorder, radio, etc.

Visual Aids are learning materials that use illustrations to compel the sense of vision. Examples of these are stamps, maps, checklists, slides, and many more.

Audio-Visual Aidsinvolve the sense of vision and hearing. For example, TVs and films.

The use of different learning aids establishes a good rapport between the educator and the children for it is proven that learning aids are an effective tool to clarify, describe, and enhance the learning topic and environment. If this is paired with positive reinforcements like stamping a kid with positive praises for a finished task, the more they will become engaged in the process. Hence, learning becomes a fun activity rather than an obligation for them.

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