Choosing The Best Florist In Singapore Today

Flower Stands

When speaking of the best florist, what are your classifications? Would you consider a florist who has been in years of service or a professional florist who graduated from the course this year? Both are candidates, but as a long-time buyer, you would want to stick to your old florist where you buy flower vases and hire a flower arrangement service for special events in your family. Windflower Florist has the best flower delivery in Singapore!

Why them?

Today, online flower shops offer actual photos of the flowers available for the buyers to purchase. However, there are buyers who have their own details of a bouquet or flower arrangement, which is possible to be prepared by a certified florist in Singapore. They also take your orders, prepare them for you, and then take the payment and deliver it to your doors.

The local florist creates a unique flower vase or a flower arrangement in their own crafts or from your details.


Fresh is authentic

Not all florists saying fresh are stating authentic fresh flowers. It may look fresh, not actually not. It has been picked for days and remained to look fresh because of adding something to it that maintains the fresh look of the flower. WindFlower florists say fresh flowers, they really mean it.

If you have brought flowers or a bouquet, within 2-3 days, it is already wilted and dying. You would not want to buy something like this, would you? Storage in a proper environment to keep the freshness is pricey. So, to save money, they buy flowers past their peak, but are ready to sell immediately.

Quality tulips or roses must last between 1 and 2 weeks once you bring them home; it depends on the variety. When buying a late market product, you are lucky to get 2 or 3 days’ life out of it. You are getting a flower that doesn’t last. Yet, you paid full price for it, which sounds frustrating.

Thus, you need to check whether the florist you are choosing offers authentic fresh flowers. It matters a lot to the customers to buy fresh flowers since they are paying for it. They mostly like fresh and real flowers more than artificial ones. So, let the buyers feel that they are buying the right product they expected.

Buying fresh flowers at Windflower Florist is the best decision you have ever made this year. Shower your home with a fresh bouquet of roses or any flower you choose from their professional florist.

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