Check out the great benefits of shutters

The Shutters Dept is the simplest and easiest way to get your DIY Plantation Shutters Online they are appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms and have a 10-year warranty. The Shutters Dept use 3D Visualizer because they like you to have complete confidence when you buy, thus they designed a smart shutters visualizer that provides you immediate feedback on our shutter designs. You can take command of your shutter’s creation and know accurately what you’re buying. You can request a sample of each of their three shutter colors and frame types to determine precisely how they look in your frame. You can get a free sample after you go undergo their design process and pick the color of your desired plantation shutter.

The Shutters Dept mission is to provide you with excellent quality shutters at the most reasonable price possible. Plantation shutters have gained their reputation, are functional, and add beauty and value to any home. Their mission is to produce accessible and affordable shutters for everyone. Excellent quality factory direct imports, fanatical customer support, and simple DIY shutters installation. They aid you to save thousands and at the same time make your home look appealing.

Check these easy steps to design your shutters in Shutters Dept

            You’ll be guided through 5 easy questions for their recommendation engine to know the best design for your window. 

  1. What size is your window roughly?
  2. How many panes does your window have? What is the layout of your window?
  3. Does your window have a recess? Is the recess at least 70mm deep?
  4. Does your window have an extending sill or touch the floor?
  5. Their recommendations

Personalized customer service at every order

            They take a lot of pride in their customer service, not only looking for the appropriate fit for your windows. Yet, in their after-sales through installation, their commitment to their customers has gained a reputation wherein they are proud. They’ll support and guide you through simple questions to offer you an expert recommendation for every window.

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Know the top reasons why you must love shutters

Rise in property value

  • When comparing homes, homebuyers mostly consider shutters to be an extra point. Compared to other houses on the market, your home excels.

Energy savings

  • Shutters are ideal for deflecting sunlight and are also great insulators.

Better privacy

  • Interior plantation shutters aid boost your privacy without the need for reduction light in the process.

Timeless aesthetic

  • Plantation shutters are elegant and simple window treatments that never go out of style.


  • Custom plantations are created to last and are durable.

Noise reduction

  • Shutters have the great benefit of noise buffering. It allows you to keep your window open without banging.

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