A Simple Guide for Looking Fashionable on a Budget

We all have that one friend who is always looks immaculately dressed.

Shoes – appear expensive looking.

Clothes – classy and exquisite.

Accessories – definitely sophisticated.

You know she doesn’t spend a lot on her clothes and has you have tried to copy her style but you always end up looking pathetic unkept.

It happens to guys men too. Your best mate can rock any outfit and look like a million bucks it is worth millions of cash. Yet you can’t seem to ever match his sophisticated style sophistication.

You too can become as fashionable as your friend as well. Thankfully, looking fashionable does not equate spending tons of money, so we’ll show you how to look stylish on a budget; because who would want to spend thousands on clothes when they can spend hundred dollars and look just as fabulous?

We show you These are the tricks to you can use below:

Search for classic cuts and designs in thrift stores.

If you’ve ever shopped at a thrift store, you would know what amazing treasure trove these stores can be. The key to looking expensively-dressed is to pick clothes that can outlast any trend.

Pair this a classic item with a formal jacket or coat for a classy look. The best thing about classic designs is that you can wear them over and over repeatedly without looking discounted.

Dress your classic pieces up or down depending on the occasion. Choose sophisticated accessories and accompaniments for formal occasions and go for playful and casual accessories for a dressed down look.

Don’t shy away from buying clothes that are several sizes bigger

If you come across a lovely but oversized piece, by all means, buy it! Bigger clothes can always be trimmed down to size, which is what you’re going to do with this a lovely, one-of-a-kind piece you will have just won yourself.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you can do the trimming yourself and adjust the item as needed until it fits you. If you’re afraid of ruining the item, take it to a seamstress to have it professionally readjusted to fit.

Invest in a few solid items and accessories

Buy a few quality items and complementary accessories. These are will be your go-to pieces for whenever you need to look and feel great.

The secret to always looking good when called upon to do so is in owning several good clothing items. These should be in neutral colors so you can pair them with as many different bright colored accessories as possible.

Good quality clothes cost a pretty penny so be prepared to spend. But the returns they give in longevity and good looks are worth everything.

Avoid buying too many cheap-looking quality clothes

When you have less awful-looking clothes, you wear them less often and therefore don’t look cheap bad very often. As the number of cheapish outfits you own become less and less, you will have more and more many days where you’re dressed fabulously.

Buy clothes in the right size

Sometimes, it can be tempting to buy a clothing item just because it looks stylish even when you know it’s either too big or too small. Please resist this temptation because that’s how you end up with a closet full of unusable clothes.

Harness the power of accessories

Accessories often make or break an outfit. Have two or three sets of classy accessories for the days when you need to stand out. Pair these with equally classy outfits for a clean look. Obviously, this is not a look you can recreate every day.

Make it a signature look for special or formal occasions.

Tone down the color of your clothes

If you have to wear very bright colored clothes, pair them with darker toned counterparts to tone down the look. Darker hues on clothes have a way of making you look sophisticated. They also have a slimming effect, which can further enhance your appearance.

Buy only clothes that flatter your body

Know what type of clothes are most suitable for your body type and buy those ones. Avoid clothes that do not flatter your body as they don’t enhance your look.

How to shop on a budget

Here are some tips on how to find stylish clothes on a budget;

Watch out for sales

Lots of stores hold clearance sales regularly. You can find lots of nice stuff at very low price. The clothes are of good quality and a bargain by any standards. So, if you see a nicely designed top release in the fall but can’t afford it, wait for a clearance sale around summer. You may just be lucky to get it at less than half the price.

Shop online

You can get amazing deals when you shop online. But you also have to be careful to pick the right size of clothes. Otherwise, the savings you just made may all be drained by shipping fees as you return the wrong size and have the correct one shipped to you.

If it’s not clear whether the item would fit you well, don’t buy it as you may end up wasting money. If it looks like a good fit, you can take your chances. Use the cut to decide whether it would be a fit or not. Combined with the size and measurements, as indicated in the store description, you should be able to determine how fitting it would be.

Be on the lookout for introductory prices

Some stores will introduce new collections at considerably lower prices. Buying clothes at this time will see that you make some savings.

In Conclusion, dressing well is not about how much you spend on your clothes or which designer labels you buy. It is about knowing what designs work for your body type and leveraging on them.

It’s also about knowing how to match different clothes for a classy look and how to accessorize for the style.

Master these three skills and you won’t ever have to deal with the discomfort of a bad dress day and the best part is that all three can be done without overspending. Start trying them out these trends today!

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