A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing A Good Two-Wheeler Scooter

Choosing the right two-wheeler can be challenging and daunting for beginner buyers. Scooters, the two-wheelers come in different types, and each has its own unique set of advantages.

Guide on buying

The pro scooters are very durable, strong, and upgradable versions of the basic kick or toy scooter that most people are familiar with. Kids started experimenting with riding a toy slater at skate parks and doing some tricks. It led to many of these kinds of ride and scooter parts that are not easily replaceable. Since tricks became bigger and bigger, a new type of scooter was needed and introduced, making the pro scooter was born.

A pro scooter is more costly than a toy scooter. It is due to the design and production costs to withstand the impacts they experience. The basic pro scooter withstands the impacts they experience. The basic pro scooter starts at $100 and goes up. Usually, the pricing goes up and you will see better components and materials used.

The quality of individual components increases, and a scooter becomes lighter and stronger. It also depends on how you ride and has more durability and easier airtime, which has a lighter and stronger scooter.

Sacrifice Flyte 100 V2 scooter

The Flyte 100 is the most lightweight pro scooter available today. It features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave. It is designed specifically for those who demand the best but need a narrower setup. It is 100mm wide and with variable wall thickness extrusions, maximizing strength while minimizing the weight.

The Sacrifice Flyte 100 is a complete scooter that uses the following:

  • IHC systems with a Cyborg fork
  • Oversized aluminum bars
  • 2-bolt Spy collar clamp
  • Sacrifice Flyte 100 is complete with:
  • Slick new Delta-Core wheels
  • Roller coaster bearings
  • Custom-fitted grip tape
  • Trusty S-Grips

There are specifications available when buying this kind of pro scooter, such as:

  • Extruded 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • 495mm length
  • 100mm width
  • 5mm headtube angle
  • Plastic flex brake
  • High tensile axles
  • Easy-fit steel spacers
  • Front and rear plugs
  • Bar

Envy prodigy x scooter

Now, if you are in an intermediate or advanced level street scooter, the Prodigy x scooter offers you a range series – the Envy pro scooter is the most popular. On top of the line, a classic colorway has ultimate value. The pro street scooter is suitable for the rider when looking for an upgrade.

In quality pro-level parts, the high-quality professional scooter components are the perfect choice. The series has the most upgrades to date using the advanced new deck technology, all with reduced overall weight. The three classic colorways have durable high-quality finishes, which are perfect to take a beating and keep on going.

The sleek and subtle colorways can make the Envy scooter popular with adult pro scooter riders.

Choose the right scooter that fits you.

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