9 Must-Have Accessories for Men

You’ve nailed your look. You know what shirts and tees show off your firm torso, and which jackets to wear for different occasions. Now you only have to get your accessories right to double up on your confidence.

Most men don’t readily think of accessories. To them these are just basic add-ons they throw on at the last minute because it’s something they’re used to doing. There’s a category of men who are very conscious of the accessories they choose and how these small items impact other people’s perception of them. We can tell you for a fact that these men long discovered a way to keep the ladies interested.

Take it from us, ladies love a man who knows his way around accessories. You can pick your watches and choose the best tie bars for each of your tie/suit combination? You’ll have no shortage of attention from women. Because the truth is: Women like a man who dresses well. And accessories help you do just that.

These are the 9 must-have accessories that will make you look stylish.

A good tie in classic colors

A good tie links your shirt to your suit perfectly. It needs to match your ensemble, so ensure that it’s in a shade that matches at least one color in your outfit.

That said, you need a few ties in classic blue or black. These can be paired with any shirt and with any suit/jacket. When you keep your tie colors neutral, you won’t ever be faulted for wearing the wrong tie.

Brighter colored ties have their place too and are the ideal option when a bit of color is needed to brighten an outfit that looks too plain.

Make your tie pop by:

  • Tying it correctly. If you use the wrong knot, it can give the look of a sloppily-done job.
  • Buying the right size (width) for your body type.

Tie bar

Get a silver tie bar to go with your classic tie. Adding a tie bar gives your outfit a pulled-together look that is more refined than what you get with a plain tie.

White pocket square

It takes a lot to make a suit look good on you. And another accessory that will complement your suit is a white pocket square. You could choose a pocket square in any color, but that would mean you have to also find a tie and shirt that match it.

A white pocket square goes with suits, shirts and ties of every color.


In any case you thought otherwise, wallets are still very much in use and in style. A good wallet is big enough to hold a few important items and miniature enough to sit in your pocket without adding bulk to your trousers.

It should be made from a good quality material, come in a dark, neutral color, be thin, and have a clean, minimalist design.

Large wallets are unattractive. They are also unnecessarily bulky. What are you going to put in them anyway? A lot of the stuff that went into wallets back in the day now exist in digital form and are safely preserved in our phones.

Some great wallet types to pick are:

  • Billfold wallets
  • Card cases
  • Folded card cases
  • Phone wallets

Neutral colored dress belts

Buy brown and black belts to match your dress shoes. Mismatching your belt and shoes is tacky and makes you look cheap, unorganized and irresponsible. We’re not hating; it’s how people perceive you when they see you. First impressions, remember?

Quality dress shoes

A pair each of black and brown dress shoes will ensure you have the perfect shoes to match all your outfits. Dress shoes are so versatile they can be worn with any formal or casual trousers.

These two shades help keep things balanced in terms of color. They also go well with all colors, so they won’t limit what shirts, jackets or trousers you can wear.

In case you were wondering what shoes to wear with the belts (above) you just bought, these are the shoes.

Dress socks

Dress socks are the only socks for men. Seriously. They go well with everything and they come in so many cool designs that it wouldn’t make sense to not buy lots of them.

Your dress socks can be an avenue for you to express your personality. Are you reserved and a bit traditional? Plain dress socks in brown, blue, black, and grey are a good match.

Do you like to have quirky fun? Try any of the dress socks that come in abstract shapes and patterns.

Are you a big soccer fan? There are plenty of dress socks with soccer club logos, soccer symbols and more.

Buy socks made from cotton or wool or their blends. They’re breathable and more comfortable than synthetic blends. And they won’t make your feet stuffy.


Hats are stylish pieces that can be worn all through the year. Every man needs a good hat that they can throw on when they want to portray a pronounced sense of style.

But hats are also functional and will protect you from the elements when it’s hot, windy, snowing, or raining.

You can have as many types of hats as you like. Some men prefer wearing only one type of hat. Go with whatever you feel suits you best.

A good watch

If you think watches have been replaced by all the modern digital devices we surround ourselves with today, you’re mistaken.

Every man must own a quality watch. It’s the ultimate mark of class.

Choose the type of watch that best represents who you are and how formal or casual your daily engagements are. A casual watch is perfect for an informal look, while a dress watch is ideal for formal wear. Sporty watch designs are great for a relaxed, casual, sporty look.

Make it a habit to wear each of these accessories and it’ll soon grow on you. They’re classic statement pieces and confidence builders for when you need an extra dose of masculinity.

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