7 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Woman should have

Having the right wardrobe often means stepping out in style every single time. And for women, this is very important. You want to always look your best anytime you’re out in the street, at the office, at events, parties or at the club.

For most women, clothes express who we are. We use them to bring out our personality, we wear them to match our moods, we even choose them if they give us the kind of attitude we’re looking to portray.

To look stylish at all times, you don’t have to buy thousands of clothing items. Although some women have closets that potentially house thousands of clothes, it shouldn’t make you feel bad that you can’t afford that many clothes.

Think about it: You only need a couple hundred pieces a year if you wear one to two different pieces of clothes every day of the year. And that’s on the extreme end of it. But you would have to be uber rich to finance such a lifestyle and have a deep-seated desire to meet societal pressure and expectations about someone like you, which thankfully, many of us aren’t.

So we are going to look at the timeless pieces you must incorporate in your wardrobe to always look fashionable without going broke.

Black blazer

Every woman needs a black blazer. It’s the women’s equivalent of the men’s power suit and goes with anything. You can wear it over casual tops, t-shirts, formal blouses, or chic sweaters. You can wear it with your jeans or with your slim fit trousers or wide-legged trousers for a smart, formal look.

The black blazer can save the day in all kinds of occasions, from formal events that need you to look presentable to more casual settings where your style expression can flow freely.

Choose a blazer that fits right for the most flattering look. When choosing the design, go for a cut that is tapered to show off your waist. Most classic blazer designs have this cut and design so you won’t have a hard time finding one.

Because this is going to be one of the most precious items you’ll ever own, don’t skimp on the price too much. Be willing to spend a little more to get the best that you can afford. There are plenty of good quality blazers going for less than $100. For the quality they offer, they are quite a bargain.

Like with any classic fashion item, the brand or label doesn’t matter. All you have to consider is the style and design, cut, and material. All fashion brands have a version of the classic blazer still, if you wish to buy yours from a specific label. I’m sure you’ll find one from your preferred designer.

White V-neck shirts

The white V-neck is a classic casual piece that can be paired with any type of jacket or worn on its own. Let it flow loose or tuck it into your jeans. It gives a neat, sophisticated yet playful look. Choose V-necks in a fitting size that shows off your waist.

White tailored button-down shirt

Think of how many things you can pair with a white button-down shirt. Practically everything. It looks great with skirts, jeans, shorts, and you can always wear it under your formal suit for a neat, formal look.

The white button-down shirt can be worn in a fitting design, or you can choose one that’s a shirt size or two larger for a playful look. Stretch options are also great and can be paired with any number of jacket types to create the desired look – casual, smart casual, chic, or formal.

A couple of denim shirts

Denim shirts are timeless pieces that go with everything. Pair them with denim jeans, white jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and tiny skirts. Any bottom can be paired with a denim shirt for a funky casual look.

Black leather jacket

The female leather jacket is a must-have. If you have to choose only a few items from this list, please make sure the black leather jacket is one of them.

You can pair it with any bottoms, be it little jeans skirts, long skirts, jeans trousers, army pants, corduroy pants, basically any type of trousers. You can also use a black jacket to create any look and style you fancy, from bohemian to chic and contemporary.

There are many design variations, from tiny snug pieces to sophisticated fitting ones and casual distressed ones. You can have as many of them as you can afford because each design is fabulous and unique.

Trench coat

A good trench coat that offers both style and function will get you through any season transition. When choosing a classic trench, ensure that the material is not very heavy. Leave those for wintertime. The trench you’re going for is one that is much lighter. It should be able to keep you warm when needed but also look really stylish.

You can buy two classic trench coats: One in a lighter material for its fashion sense and a heavier one for both style and function. Be flexible with the trench coat length. It can be as long as you like or much shorter. Pick a length that will be flattering for the look you want to express.

Denim jeans

Every woman needs at least a couple of great jeans or ten. The comfort, versatility and trendy appeal of jeans is unmatched. Jeans of any type will look great when worn on the right body. Whatever your body type, shape and size, there is a jeans design that will make you look great. Find it and rock your jeans in style.

Don’t limit yourself to one type of jeans. Try on different types and see how they look on you then pick the ones that are most flattering.

With these pieces, you can rock any party with confidence. Lot of these items can be paired together, so even when traveling, you only need a few pieces to have a functional wardrobe.

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