Types of colored contact lenses

Types of colored contact lenses

Today contact lenses serve two basic functions : the first responds to the compensation needs of the most common vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. The second function is cosmetic and, with this type of white contacts, we seek to make changes in appearance. However, it is necessary to know the different types of lenses or colored lenses to make the right purchase.

Contact lenses with prescription.

This type of contact lenses can be rigid or soft and their differences are as follows :.

rigid lenses

These gas permeable lenses are firm in consistency and somewhat smaller than the iris. Depending on whether the need for correction and the care for its maintenance change, they can last up to two years.

This type of lens has a longer adaptation process than soft lenses and the iris and the eye tend to come off with relative ease. For these reasons, for most people, they are not very comfortable.

Soft contact lenses

They are slightly larger in diameter than the iris, they are very comfortable and adaptation to them is very fast. Among the soft contact lenses we have three types:

Disposable, single use.

The reusable ones that, although they are disposable, can be used for up to four weeks. A strict cleaning plan must be followed with this type of lens.

The extended wear lenses can be used 24 hours continuously and their use can be extended for a month. The continued use of these lenses is associated with the risk of infections, so it is preferable to keep a strict control of periodic check-ups.

white contacts

Hybrid contact lenses

This type of lens is a combination of gas permeable contact lenses (in its central area) and soft lenses (in its periphery), with this combination it is intended to increase the stability of the lens and the amount of vision of the user.

Colored contact lenses (cosmetic)

It is important to know the information so that one can find prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses. Knowing their differences will help you make a better purchase:

Colored Contact Lenses

Prescription colored contact lenses can compensate for hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. So if you need prescription contact lenses, you can take the opportunity to change your appearance either by highlighting the current color or with a new color in your eyes.

Non-prescription colored contact lenses

Also called cosmetic lenses, these lenses are designed to change the color of your eyes without correcting vision. They are an accessory for cosmetic use.

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