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What are the different types of women tops?

What are the different types of women tops?

T-shirts or tops first came into existence in the 19th century. It evolved from the undergarments manufactured in the 19th century. The people in this century started cutting their own piece garments into two different parts top and bottom garments. The first every t-shirt was manufactured between the Mexican and American war in 1898. The American Navy started providing t-shirts are standard undershirts. However, now the t-shirts have taken different forms due to innovations. Now tops come in different types for different uses such as casual tops, party tops, worktops, and workout tops.

What are workout tops for women?

Workout tops are women tops which are manufactured in a way which makes you feel comfortable while working out. The workout tops are usually lightweight and durable which allows women to concentrate on working out without any disturbance or discomfort. Sweating while working out is very common and excessive sweat can at times distract and bother people while working out that’s why workout tops are made with fabrics which keeps you cool and comfortable. Working out is important for keeping your body fit and healthy over time which is why clothes should not bother you from doing so.

workout tops for women

Features of workout tops

  • Workout tops are made up of fabrics which supports the cause of working out by releasing the feeling of comfort for the people.
  • The fabrics enable the function of keeping the body cool and free of excessive sweat during working out.
  • The workout tops are stretchable which allows the working out person to move in any direction without any difficulty due to the stiffness of the cloth material.
  • The workout tops or bras provide perfect support to workout, the fabric is also lightweight and breathable which ensures proper training without any complications.
  • The fabrics are built with anti-odour technology which keeps you soft and fresh for a long period of time which is pleasant not only for you but also for the people around you.

Benefits of workout tops

  • Workout tops support you the best while working out. They keep you out of excessive sweat which releases the sense of comfort for the person while working out and no stress of bad odour.
  • Workout tops boost your confidence they make you feel good and move in every direction while working out.
  • They improve your performance while training as they help you to focus only on working out without any additional irritation because of clothes.
How to Do Cat Eye Makeup: Easy Tips and Tricks That Work

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup: Easy Tips and Tricks That Work

Cat eye makeup is one of the hardest makeup beauty looks to create for both a novice or a pro. It’s one of the looks flaunted by all women on top of their fashion game and it seems like the look is here to stay. You have probably seen this girl in class or a workmate rocking their cat eye makeup and wondered how they achieved that appealing look.

The reason why this look is loved by many is that it defines your eyes making them look more awake and even draws attention away from tired, puffy eyes. That makes it worthy of learning everything concerning this particular look. Here are some tips to guide you and rock the perfect cat eye look every time.

Consider Your Eye Shape

Before getting down to business and drawing your cat eye, first understand the shape of your eye to ascertain the best-winged eyeliner. Do you have wide-set eyes, close-set eyes, small eyes or hooded eyes? If you have wide-set eyes, keep your wings short and pointed upwards. As for close-set eyes, aim to extend them outwards to open them up. Then draw a sleek, long line that is slightly more horizontal to widen your eye shape.

For small eyes, smudge the line a bit. A tight or precise line will make your eyes appear even smaller, something you want to avoid. You can opt for a liquid eyeliner as it makes the eyes pop and adds structure without closing down your lid.

For hooded eyes, drawing a thicker line is a much better option. This is because a small line might be invisible when you open your eyes. Use a liquid eyeliner and an angled brush to draw the perfect cat eye. Get under the hood to let your liner take full effect. Then, draw under the top lash line and the waterline to add some balance. For hooded and small eyes, avoid applying eyeliner on your bottom lash line as it makes your eyes appear smaller.

Try Different Types of Eyeliner

To create the perfect cat eye makeup look, you need to try out different types of eyeliner to see what works best for you. There are three types, namely liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and gel eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are great for the smokey-eye look. They are ideal for a subtle everyday look that’s not too harsh, especially if you blend it lightly.

Liquid eyeliners are ideal if you want to create clean lines and flicks. If you’re going for a more precise look, it’s all you need then. Just draw your desired shape with the brush or applicator, then fill it in. The best thing about liquid eyeliners is that they tend to come in varieties of colors and finishes.

Gel eyeliners, on the other hand, might seem intimidating at first but are worth a try if you want the perfect cat eye. They mostly come packaged in small pots accompanied by a brush or applicator. Gel eyeliner is easy to clean and its thicker formula results in precise lines.

Honorable Mentions for the Best Waterproof Eyeliners of 2019

There are a number of waterproof eyeliners on the market. L’oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner comes in ten different colors. You can easily find a color to accompany almost any eye color. It’s a long-lasting eyeliner that’s smudge-resistant. Since it’s waterproof, you do not have to worry about it coming off during any activity you partake in.

waterproof eyeliners

Shake Beauty Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner Pen is a one-of-a-kind waterproof eyeliner. The pen has two ends: one for stamping and the other end is a fine tip to give you precise lines. It’s a smudge-free eyeliner that’s waterproof and long-lasting. The stamp feature makes it easy to create that flawless cat eye flick.

Use Tape as a Guide

There’s no rule saying that you have to draw winged eyeliner freehand. So, if you have been practicing drawing your eyeliner without much success, then using some tape might prove to be helpful. Place a piece of regular adhesive tape at the outer corner of your eye, going upwards towards the end of your eyebrow.

Proceed to line your upper lash line and thicken the line to your desired intensity, then wing it out. You can then drag the wing to where you want it to end without worrying about keeping the bottom edge straight.

Steady Your Hands

Attempting to draw your eyeliner when standing can give you unsatisfactory results as your body isn’t stable. For the perfect cat eye, sit down first, then place your elbows on a flat surface, for instance, on your dressing table. It will make it easier to hold your body and arms in a good position.

It also gives you a steady hand and a smoother outcome. It’s advisable to look down so that your skin is wrinkle-free and even when applying your eyeliner.

Steps to Follow for the Perfect Cat Eye Look

Grab your freshly-sharpened eyeliner and draw a small wing starting from the outer corner of your eye. To create a perfectly thin, even line without the stress of having to draw one perfect line, draw small dashes across your top lash line, working your way from your inner corner to your outer corner. If you accidentally make a mistake, dip a cotton swab in makeup remover, then use it to erase smudges and smoothen out any areas where the line was drawn too thick. You can then use a liquid eyeliner to lock and intensify your look for precise cat eye results.

Proceed to apply mascara on your top lashes while wiggling your roots to enhance volume. Then, complete your look by applying your best coverage foundation to pair your cat eye look with dewy, smooth-looking skin. Apply a neutral shadow or skip it to let your eyeliner pop, then add a lip color of your choice, and you’re all set!

Now that you have all the tips and tricks you need, try using them to achieve that striking, cat eye makeup look you’ve always fancied.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

How to Fold a Pocket Square

If a suit and tie are part of your regular work suit, then you will probably be bored looking the same every day. Wanting to add a more exclusive look, you’ve probably added a pair of brown shoes, a brown belt, and French cuff shirts that go with your twin set. If you’re still looking for extra accessories that are elegant and a great way to add your own style to your set, then consider wearing a pocket cage. Knowing how to use a silk pocket will be easy as soon as you read this article. Not only does it have many different colors, patterns, and square pocket styles to choose from, but there are also many different ways to fold a handkerchief.

Find the right pocket

When choosing a silk pocket, think about the look you’re looking for. By “look” we mean how formally you want your outfit to look. The most formal are simple pocket squares made of glossy silk in black and white. Dark blue solids and burgundy red scarves are a little less formal. Less formal, but still very elegant, they are pocket square with lots of colors and designs. A pocket square with a paisley print in burgundy red, green and navy blue is smaller, it will give elegance and sophistication without looking too formal.

unique pocket squares

How to combine your pocket square

First, you should use only a silk pocket in combination with a tie or bow tie. Wearing without a neck will look out of place. Then find the color and pattern that matches the rest of your outfit. The easiest way to do this is to choose unique pocket squares from the same fabric, that is, color and pattern, and then a tie or bow tie. For a pocket square fan, this can be a little boring and somewhat simple. A true connoisseur of fashion will wear a handkerchief, which has its own unique color and pattern, but nevertheless goes well with the rest of his clothes.

How to fold a pocket square

It is important to choose the fold of your pocket to the style of pocket square you will use. A more formal handkerchief, such as classic solid white, should be combined with a more formal type of fold, such as a square flat pocket fold, or also called the “presidential fold”. Simply lay the handkerchief on a clean and even surface. Then fold it in half to create a rectangular shape. Then fold – on each side so that the square of the pocket matches the width of your chest pocket – and that’s it!

6 Reasons Why You Should Try False Eyelashes

6 Reasons Why You Should Try False Eyelashes

People always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So, it is undoubtedly lovely to showcase the beauty of your eyes as often as you can. One way to guarantee improvements to your eyes is by using false eyelashes. Falsies only require a few minutes to apply if you have a sturdy and reliable individual eyelashes black glue. If you are still holding back, here are some reasons that can definitely convince you to wear these beauties.

  1. False eyelashes are actually good, and not harmful, to your natural lashes.

Aside from the aesthetic impact that the falsies present, they actually benefit your lashes. Using mascara can make your natural lashes weaker and more brittle, but false eyelashes reduce overall impact to your natural ones.

  1. Falsies make your makeup look wear-proof.

Are you someone who is not interested in retouching every few hours? Or, are you going to a special occasion that might lead to a few tears? Fake eyelashes can save you from ruining your entire look with mascara running down your cheeks.

  1. False eyelashes are perfect for natural look makeup.

Some days, you can feel not in the mood to go for full-face makeup. In these situations, you can still look good and made up by going for faux eyelashes. Just get your individual eyelashes black glue, stick the beauties on, and your entire look is saved. They add significant definition to your eyes and even draws attention to those lovely features.

  1. There are varieties that you can choose from.

Faux eyelashes come in many variants, so you can surely look for the one that you most prefer wearing. The most common raw materials used for falsies are plastic, mink, and human hair. For an outstanding look with extreme effects, you can choose full lashes. For beginners and amateurs, you can go for half strips. If you are looking for natural-looking eyelashes, the best option would be individual eyelashes. These lashes produce an impact that enhances your eyes without seeming fake. You might think individual lashes are harder to use, but you will surely find them easier to apply.

  1. individual eyelashes black glueFalse eyelashes can overcome the morning rush.

Are you tired of having to wake up early in the morning in haste to put on your makeup? Thank false eyelashes, now you will look prettier with just taking half the time.

  1. You can give your look the extra oomph by using falsies.

Some days, you feel extra and want to get a higher impact than wearing your usual makeup. There are many lavish and extreme options that you can go for that unique statement piece. Make yourself a head-turner with a little effort.

Trying false eyelashes will not require substantial effort, time, and money. But adding lashes lto your makeup routine, you can be sure that you will be looking more beautiful and camera-ready all day every day. Go ahead and buy yourself a pair now!